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Increasing the Supply of New Affordable Housing


Date Published: September 2022


Quick Guide to Using HUD’s Community Planning and Development Programs

This Quick Guide assists state and local governments in the utilization of their Community Planning and Development (CPD) funds to increase their supply of new affordable housing units. It highlights various financing tools that can be used in conjunction with HUD's annual CPD programs, commonly used sources for affordable housing production, creative affordable housing models, and six project profiles of actual affordable housing developments that used CPD funds as part of the financing. Additionally, the Quick Guide has a "Housing As..." infographic that details CPD's focus on integrated approaches to housing development by amplifying the connective role that housing plays in our communities, serving as a nexus where all community sectors come together.

The Quick Guide is part of a series of affordable housing resources designed to provide key introductory information to those who want to understand more about affordable housing: specifically, staff or members of state and local governments who are looking to be involved in affordable housing development and implementation in their communities, or those who want to partner with municipalities to explore affordable housing development options.

The Quick Guide is the first product released as part of this series. Additional resources coming soon.

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