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ConnectHomeUSA Resident Engagement Best Practices Guide


Date Published: July 2022


Engaging residents in the design and ongoing implementation of a ConnectHomeUSA program is critical to success. After all, the purpose of ConnectHomeUSA is to address residents' connectivity needs and interests. The Resident Engagement Best Practice Guide covers key strategies, best practices, and additional resources to help create a robust resident engagement plan.

This guide also provides an in-depth look at the Housing Authority of the City of Austin's (HACA) Digital Ambassador Program. HACA was the original mentor community to ConnectHome pilot sites and is one of the first housing authorities in the country to launch this type of program.

View the ConnectHomeUSA Playbook Toolkits and Guides page for the full collection of resources to help ConnectHomeUSA staff establish a comprehensive digital inclusion program in HUD-assisted communities.

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