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Date Published: July 2022


Holding a convening early on in a ConnectHomeUSA program is a key strategy for building support for your program and informs the development of an Action Plan. Convenings give ConnectHomeUSA communities the opportunity to present their digital equity plans to existing and prospective partners, solicit feedback, and enlist support. Building off Chapter 4 of the Playbook, the Convening Toolkit provides planning guidance as well as templates to help you organize a successful event. It is recommended to first read the Convening Toolkit Checklist and then use the Project Plan Template to begin outlining a plan.

Additionally, the Run-of-Show Template is designed to help keep important information for the big day all in one place. The Commitment Form Template can be used to ask attendees to commit support for your program.

If you decide to organize a virtual event, view the Virtual Event Planning Toolkit as well.

View the ConnectHomeUSA Playbook Toolkits and Guides page for the full collection of resources to help ConnectHomeUSA staff establish a comprehensive digital inclusion program in HUD-assisted communities.

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