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ConnectHomeUSA Fundraising Strategies Toolkit


Date Published: July 2022


Your ConnectHomeUSA community may have funds set aside to support your work, but it may not cover all that you want to accomplish. The Fundraising Strategies Toolkit covers the full landscape of funders, including local, national, private and government funders, as well as key terms used by funders. It also provides tips for assessing funding needs, resources for researching funders that can fill those needs, and best practices for applying for funding.

The toolkit also contains a guide to help develop a fundraising plan, as well as templates to help document strategies, fundraising plan, and associated budget. The Research Template for Prospective Funders will also help track research findings.

View the ConnectHomeUSA Playbook Toolkits and Guides page for the full collection of resources to help ConnectHomeUSA staff establish a comprehensive digital inclusion program in HUD-assisted communities.

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