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Resilient Building Codes Toolkit


Date Published: June 2022


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The intent of the Resilient Building Codes Toolkit is to bring transparency and clarity to building codes, especially with respect to resilience. The main objective of this work is to create a platform that allows all relevant stakeholders to navigate an otherwise challenging building code environment and to offer resources for Community Development Block Grant Disaster Recovery (CDBG-DR) and CDBG Mitigation (MIT) grantees to incorporate resilient building codes into their disaster recovery and mitigation efforts. Ultimately, the goal is to enhance resilience in the built environment, specifically with respect to housing and other critical building assets. To learn more about the Toolkit and to view the Resilient Building Codes Webinar Series, visit the Resilient Building Codes page.

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Section 1: Business Case Overview

This section of the Toolkit builds the business case for why communities should consider adopting resilient building codes. It presents recent studies analyzing the costs and benefits of pursuing resilient building codes. The reader will understand why codes can make an appreciable difference in the resilience of communities.

Section 2: Narrative

This is the main section of the Toolkit. It is an easily searchable document that describes the context of building codes, governance, challenges, and solutions.

Section 3: Checklist

This checklist is a tool for readers to ask themselves key questions to consider as they navigate upgrading their building codes. It guides the reader on how to learn about building codes in their state and what steps they will need to be prepared to take to adopt more resilient codes.

Section 4: State-by-State Governance Supplemental

This document is a summary table that shows the adopted codes and mandates by state as of March 2022.

Section 5: State-by-State Process for Code Enhancements Supplemental

This document provides the reader with information on the process for enhancing codes in their state. It gives links to the state entities responsible for the code amendment processes.

Section 6: Technical Appendix

This is an easily searchable document providing a deep, detailed dive into various codes and best practices arranged by natural hazard.

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