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HUD FHEO Website: Fair Housing Policy Statements, Notices & Other Documents


Date Published: May 2022


The HUD Office of Fair Housing and Equal Opportunity (FHEO) Policy Statements, Notices & Other Documents landing page is the repository of resources on fair housing policy statements, notices, and guidance documents. Users can browse by topic for training, increasing knowledge, responding to complaints, and conducting investigations.

Resource Links

Foundational Resources: Fair Housing Laws and RegulationsHistoric Foundation
Legal Theories and Concepts: ConciliationCriminal Activities/BackgroundDesign and ConstructionDisparate ImpactDomestic ViolenceElements of ProofEmotional Support and Service AnimalsFirst AmendmentHOPA: Housing for Older Persons ActLand UseLead-Based PaintLEP: Limited English ProficiencyReasonable AccommodationsReasonable ModificationsSexual HarassmentVAWA: Violence Against Women Act
Protected Classes: Federal and Local: ColorDisabilityFamilial StatusNational Origin or AncestryRaceReligionSex, Sexual Orientation, and Gender Identity
Courses: Basics of Fair HousingFundamentals of Fair Housing – FHAP InvestigationFundamentals of Fair Housing – IntakeLitigating Fair Housing Cases

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