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Section 3 Sample Plan


Date Published: January 2022


This tool is designed to help public housing and housing and community development grantees and their subrecipients, contractors, and subcontractors comply with the Section 3 requirements and achieve the Section 3 goals. The sample plan guides grantees through the Section 3 planning process for program implementation by providing examples of processes and procedures that grantees can utilize. While the final rule does not require recipients to have Section 3 plans or policies, HUD views having them as a best practice that will aid recipients in complying with the Section 3 requirements and achieving the Section 3 goals.

Grantees are encouraged to adapt the suggestions to fit the resources within their individual communities and to meet the needs of their program. Grantees and Public Housing Agencies (PHAs) should work with their legal counsels to ensure it meets all local and state laws.

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