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HIC and PIT Count Safety Considerations for Counting During COVID-19


Date Published: November 2021


The Housing Inventory Count (HIC) and Point-in-Time (PIT) count are essential data points for understanding the resources available to people experiencing homelessness compared to the number and characteristics of people experiencing homelessness. PIT counts are a critical way of interacting with people experiencing homelessness, often including service engagement or provision of needed supplies, and understanding the scope of the issue so that Continuums of Care (CoCs) can strategically plan on how to end homelessness in their communities.

HUD is committed to maintaining safety. Conducting the PIT counts requires coordinating a lot of people. During a pandemic, the gathering and intermixing of many people presents a risk of spreading the virus. However, this risk of virus spread can be minimized. This safety guidance strikes a balance between the need to maintain safety while collecting sufficient data to make life-saving decisions about serving people experiencing homelessness.

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