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Climate Change Adaptation Tools for Transportation


Date Published: November 2021


This resource provides access to the Federal Highway Administration tools and publications for improving resilience to extreme weather events and future environmental conditions. The resource reviews the following tools:

  • CMIP Climate Data Processing Tool: Process downscaled climate projections into relevant statistics for transportation planners, including changes in the frequency of very hot days and extreme precipitation events that may affect transportation infrastructure and services by the middle and end of the century.
  • Sensitivity Matrix: Document the sensitivity of roads, bridges, airports, ports, pipelines, and rail to 11 climate impacts.
  • Guide to Assessing Criticality in Transportation Adaptation Planning: Learn about common challenges associated with assessing criticality, options for defining criticality and identifying scope, and the process of applying criteria and ranking assets.
  • Vulnerability Assessment Scoring Tool: Conduct a quantitative, indicator-based vulnerability screen. Intended for agencies assessing how components of their transportation system may be vulnerable to climate stressors.<

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