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HCV Landlord Strategies Guidebook for PHAs


Date Published: April 2022


The purpose of the HCV Landlord Strategies Guidebook for PHAs is to share strategies that public housing agencies (PHAs) can implement to improve landlord participation in the Housing Choice Voucher (HCV) program.

In an attempt to provide all PHAs regardless of size or location with tools they can use, the Guidebook includes a range of strategies that vary in cost and complexity.

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Below are general guidelines on using HCV program funding for implementing financial incentives as part of your strategies to improve landlord participation in your HCV programs. These guidelines are applicable for non-Moving To Work (MTW) agencies. Any use of funds must be consistent with statutory and regulatory requirements.

  • Housing Assistance Payments (HAP) Funds: No
  • Admin Fees:
    • Current year: No
    • Pre-2004 reserves: Yes
    • Post-2003 reserves: Depends on the landlord incentive and how it is structured. Please refer to PIH Notice 2015-17. Any incentive using admin fee reserves must be consistent with all other HCV statutory and regulatory requirements.
    • Exception: CY20 reserves: Yes, under CARES Act authorization.
  • Emergency Housing Voucher (EHV) Service Fees: Yes, to help EHV families lease-up. Please refer to PIH Notice 2021-15-HA.

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Table of Contents


Supportive Materials

Choosing the Right Strategies for Your Community

Administrative Flexibilities to Enhance Landlord Satisfaction

Entry Points into the Guidebook


Education and Outreach (EO)


Landlord-Focused Customer Service

Monetary Incentives and Reimbursement Funds


Matching Local Rental Markets




Appendix A: Data Points for Measuring Progress

Appendix B: Sample Sign-In Sheet

Appendix C: Sample Tenant Training Certificate

Appendix D: Sample PHA Website

This Guidebook was developed between 2020-2022. Information in this Guidebook is subject to change. Please consult the most current rules and regulations to ensure compliance.


Comments or questions about the guidebook can be sent to landlordtaskforce@hud.gov.

Additionally, HUD would love to hear about innovative strategies that PHAs are using to increase landlord participation and satisfaction in the HCV program. If you have a strategy, or an innovative twist on a strategy, that is not included in this Guidebook, please send an email to landlordtaskforce@hud.gov.

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