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Notice CPD-21-05: Waiver and Alternative Requirements for the ESG Program Under the CARES Act


Date Published: April 2021


This Notice announces additional flexibility for recipients and subrecipients administering rapid re-housing (RRH) assistance with Emergency Solutions Grants Program funds provided under the CARES Act (ESG-CV funds). Specifically, this notice establishes new waiver and alternative requirements to allow ESG-CV funds to be used for short- and medium-term rental assistance and housing relocation and stabilization services for individuals and families who are residing in housing and receiving time limited subsidies funded by another source and who met the definition of “homeless” prior to entering that housing and whose subsidy is within 30 days of expiring. Additionally, it allows recipients and subrecipients to accept inspections conducted by other providers indicating that the housing is safe and sanitary instead of having to conduct their own habitability inspections prior to providing RRH assistance funded by ESG-CV, as set forth below. This Notice does not add, remove, or change any existing flexibility or requirements other than as specifically stated in this Notice.

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