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Recovery Housing Program Quick Guides


Date Published: January 2023


Implementation Notice Quick Guide

This guide reviews the pilot Recovery Housing Program (RHP) Implementation Notice and summarizes key points. It also details the waivers and alternative requirements to the Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) program that are specified in the Notice and necessary to expedite and facilitate the use of RHP funds.

Design and Implementation Quick Guide

This guide addresses the steps and considerations RHP grantees need to complete to launch their programs. Specifically, it provides guidance on the topics of partner engagement, citizenship participation, key implementation issues and strategic choices, and required elements in Action Plans.

Program Models Quick Guide

This guide provides guidance on nationally recognized models of recovery housing, including programs for those experiencing and exiting homelessness, programs that operate according to the National Alliance of Recovery Residence Quality Standards, and programs that follow the Oxford House Model.

Cross-Sector Partnership Quick Guide

This guide discusses Recovery Housing as part of Whole Person Care, including topics such as physical health and living environment, emotional well-being, social support network, financial wellbeing and adequacy of income, spiritual orientation, and behavioral health. This guide also reviews best practices for forming partnerships in those sectors.

Peer Support Quick Guide

This guide discusses how peer support can address health and social problems associated with alcohol and drug misuse. It also examines evidence and research on the efficacy of peer support, describes peer support models, and provides guidance on how to access peer support services in RHP grantee jurisdictions.

Performance Quick Guide

This guide addresses the overall timeline and processes RHP grantees should be aware of when completing their annual performance reporting. Specifically, it provides guidance on Action Plan and performance measure reporting and entering data into the Disaster Recovery Grant Reporting System (DRGR).

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