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COVID-19 Homeless System Response: Vaccine Planning and Distribution


Date Published: October 2022


Vaccines are a vital, lifesaving tool that prevent illness and death. Vaccines have greatly reduced or eliminated many infectious diseases that once routinely killed or harmed adults and children, particularly those living in poverty. It is essential that households experiencing homelessness have access to the COVID-19 vaccine. Many states and counties around the country have prioritized vaccine access both for homeless service providers and individuals experiencing homelessness.

Homeless service providers will play a key role in supporting people experiencing homelessness becoming vaccinated. The documents below are products developed by HUD technical assistance providers in partnership with federal partners and subject matter experts. These materials are not directives but are templates and examples for optional use. At all times, local public health authorities direct and guide pandemic response and their instructions take precedence.

All resources on this page are available in both English and Spanish. Resources that don't have a Spanish version available yet are coming soon. Resources in the Flyers section are intended for distribution and are available in 18 languages.

For HUD guidance on vaccine planning and distribution, view the HUD.gov COVID-19 Vaccination Message and COVID-19 Toolkit and Guidance page.

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English Resource Accompanying Spanish Resource File Type
Case Study: Louisiana Balance of State Vaccine Engagement N/A PDF
Community Capacity Building N/A PDF
Community Profile: Vaccine Coordination and Distribution in O'ahu N/A PDF
Congregate Setting Vaccination Event Floor Plan Plano de evento - entorno compartido para la vacunación PDF
COVID-19 Vaccine Safety Considerations for Specific Populations Consideraciones de seguridad sobre la vacuna contra el COVID-19 para poblaciones específicas PDF
Outdoor Vaccination Event for Unsheltered Populations Jornada de vacunación al aire libre para poblaciones sin albergue PDF
Questions to Assist CoCs and Public Health Authorities to Plan and Prepare for Vaccine Distribution Preguntas para asistir a CoCs y autoridades de salud pública a planificar y prepararse para la distribución de vacuna PDF
Social Media Messages Supporting Local Vaccination Efforts Mensajes de apoyo en redes sociales para los esfuerzos de vacunación a nivel local DOCX
Strategies to Address Staffing and Service Shortages N/A PDF
Transit Considerations: Bringing Clients to a COVID-19 Vaccination Event Consideraciones sobre la transportación: Trayendo clientes al evento de vacunación contra el COVID-19 PDF
Utilizing Incentives: Sample Letter to Donors Utilizando incentivos: ejemplo de carta para donadores DOCX
Utilizing Incentives to Increase Vaccine Adherence La utilización de incentivos para mejorar la adherencia a la vacuna PDF
Vaccination Event in a Congregate Setting: Checklist Evento de vacunación en un ambiente compartido: lista de verificación PDF
Vaccination in Congregate Settings: Event Types and Considerations Vacunación en espacios de congregación: Tipos de eventos y consideraciones PDF
Vaccination in Unsheltered Settings: Event Types and Considerations N/A PDF
Vaccine Distribution and Survivor Safety Considerations for Homeless Service Providers Consideraciones sobre la distribución de la vacuna y la seguridad de sobrevivientes para proveedores de servicios a personas en situación de desamparo PDF
Vaccine Planning and Distribution: Roles and Responsibilities for Homeless Service Providers Planificación y distribución de la vacuna: Funciones y responsabilidades PDF
English Resource Accompanying Spanish Resource File Type
Addressing Your Concerns About the Vaccine Respondiendo a tus preocupaciones sobre la vacuna contra el COVID-19 PDF
Benioff Community Health Outreach Worker Model: Considerations for Vaccine Ambassador Programs Modelo Benioff de trabajadores para el alcance comunitario en cuestiones de salud: Consideraciones para los programas de Embajador de la Vacuna PDF
Community Capacity Building N/A PDF
Community Sample from Casper Natrona County Health Department: COVID-19 Vaccine FAQs N/A PDF
COVID-19 Vaccination Conversation Tips for Homeless Service Providers Consejos para la conversación sobre la vacuna contra el COVID-19 para los proveedores de servicio para personas en situación de desamparo PDF
How to Build Staff's Confidence in COVID-19 Vaccines ¿Como generar confianza en la vacuna contra el COVID-19 en el personal? PDF
Language that Works to Improve Vaccine Acceptance N/A PDF
Preparing Staff for the COVID-19 Vaccine: Communication and Confidence Checklist Preparando al personal para la vacuna contra el COVID-19 Lista de verificación para comunicación y confianza PDF
Preparing Staff for the COVID-19 Vaccine: Meeting Template Preparando al personal para la vacuna contra el COVID-19: Plantilla de actas de reunión PDF
The Time is Now! Talking with People Experiencing Homelessness about the COVID-19 Vaccine ¡Ahora es el momento! Hablando con las personas en situación de desamparo sobre el COVID-19 PDF
Vaccination for Children and Adolescents: Considerations N/A PDF
Vaccination for Children and Adolescents: Considerations for Family Shelters and Housing Programs N/A PDF
Vaccine Ambassador Program and Job Description Programa de embajadores de la vacuna y descripción del cargo PDF
Vaccine Ambassador Training Companion Workbook N/A PDF
Vaccine Messaging Toolkit N/A HTML

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Visit the Disease Risks and Homelessness page on the HUD Exchange for a full list of resources related to COVID-19 infectious disease prevention and response for homeless providers.

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