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DCTA Capacity Needs Assessment Tool


Date Published: December 2020


This tool is designed to guide the Capacity Needs Assessment (CNA) process under HUD's Distressed Cities Technical Assistance (DCTA) Program. The CNA provides the first glimpse of the community and the unit of general local government (UGLG) and is the first stage of engagement between the HUD Technical Assistance (TA) Provider and the UGLG.

The DCTA CNA Tool is intended to help the TA Provider's team to:

  • Create a profile of the community, its economic and demographic characteristics, and its governmental structure and operations
  • Better understand and confirm the needs that were identified in the DCTA request and the community’s readiness, willingness, and capacity to engage in the TA process
  • Inform the development of a subsequent TA work plan to address the challenges of the UGLG and community

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