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CoC Collaborative Applicant Annual Activities


Date Published: March 2021


These resources assist the CoC Collaborative Applicant with year-round responsibilities. The Continuum of Care designates one organization as the Collaborative Applicant to fulfill the CoC Program interim rule responsibilities, which includes submitting the CoC Consolidated Application comprised of the CoC Application, CoC Priority Listings, and Project Applications.

The CoC Applicant Profile Navigation Guide provides step-by-step instructions on accessing, updating, and completing the Applicant Profile in e-snaps. The CoC Applicant Profile identifies the CoC’s Collaborative Applicant organization, contact information, applicant information, and required documentation.

The HUD Annual Requirements: CoC Collaborative Applicant Activities resource depicts key annual activities that HUD requires of each CoC. Typically, the CoC assigns the responsibility for implementing these activities and meeting the annual requirements to the Collaborative Applicant.

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