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Bi-Weekly NSP Expenditure Report

Date Published: November 2016


This report contains cumulative expenditure data for each NSP grantee. This report is updated biweekly.

Data Description:

  • Grant Amount: The amount of the original grant award

  • PI Received: The amount of program income received

  • PI Disbursed: The amount of program income committed and drawn down

  • Drawn from Grant: The amount drawn down from the original grant award

  • Total Drawn: The amount drawn down from the original grant award and from program income. Note that drawdown amounts are a proxy for reported expenditures, but are not actual expenditure amounts. Expenditures are charges made to the project or program. They may be reported on a cash or accrual basis. Expenditures from the original NSP grant and expenditures from program income both count toward expenditure deadlines. HUD determines if grantees meet expenditure deadlines by comparing grantees' total expenditures from the original NSP grant and from program income to the original grant.

  • LOC Balance: The line of credit remaining from the original grant award. In order to close the grant, funds in the line of credit must be expended.

Please report any data inaccuracies to the NSP mail box at to nsp-questions@hud.gov.

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