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Notice CPD-20-07: Guidance on Conducting Environmental Reviews Pursuant to 24 CFR 58 for Activities Undertaken in Response to the Public Health Emergency as a Result of COVID-19


Date Published: August 2020


The purpose of this Notice is to provide guidance on environmental review processing for activities needed to respond to the public health emergency as a result of  COVID-19. This Notice describes:

  • Types of activities that meet the environmental review exemption at 24 CFR 58.34(a)(10) for improvements necessary to respond to an imminent threat to public safety
  • The process for using HUD’s expedited public notice and condensed comment periods for environmental reviews during a Presidentially-declared disaster or a locally declared emergency
  • A Table of Activities that lists examples of the types of activities that are typically needed to address a public health emergency organized by the level of environmental review required

Prior HUD guidance on environmental review processing for activities undertaken in response to a Presidentially-declared disaster or local emergency focused on activities related to clearing debris, protecting buildings from further damage, and protecting the public from damaged structures.

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