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Stella P Race and Ethnicity Analysis Guide


Date Published: May 2022


The Stella Performance Module (Stella P) helps users understand the race and ethnicity demographics of who is served in their homeless system and how well the system is serving different groups.

This guide describes the race and ethnicity data available in Stella P in the Demographics section as well as the By Population Group page for each key performance measure: Days Homeless, Exits, and Returns. The guide uses sample data to show how to interpret the performance measures By Population Groups charts to identify potential disparities in the homeless system.

Further analysis, including talking to people with lived experience, is necessary to understand how disparities are being experienced and design strategies to improve equitable access and outcomes.

To access a comprehensive list of Stella resources, visit the Stella page.

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Old Resource Versions

For analysis of Stella P datasets from prior to FY22, use the 1.0 version of the Guide.

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