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Stella P Insights and Action Steps Guides


Date Published: June 2020


The Stella Performance Module (Stella P) is a strategy and analysis tool that helps Continuums of Care (CoCs) understand how their system is performing and develop strategies to improve performance. This set of guides walks users through the different types of data quality and performance flags (“insights”) available in Stella P, including system-generated and user-generated insights.

  • The Stella P Insights and Action Steps Guide covers the basics of Stella Insights, including navigation and how to create a new insight. This guide also covers Action Steps, which are strategies developed by users to capture potential next steps in exploring data quality or performance issues. Actions can be linked to related data panels and insights.
  • The Stella P Data Quality Insights Guide defines the different types of data quality insights that notify the user of high levels of missing data that may affect the accuracy of one or more data panels in Stella P. The guide provides an overview of the information provided in each insight.
  • The Stella P Pathway Impact Insights Guide reviews how Pathway Impact Insights helps users sort through the layers of information available in Stella P and zero in on parts of the system that are likely to have the biggest impact on system performance. Pathways are combinations of project types that households use during their time in the homeless system, and are a foundational concept in understanding homeless system performance.

To access a comprehensive list of Stella resources, visit the Stella page.

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