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Federal Railroad Administration Railroad Operations Data Sources


Date Published: April 2020


These Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) resources provide rail traffic data. If a rail line operator is available to provide rail traffic data, the operator is the preferred source for information on rail operations. However, where an operator is unavailable to provide data, HUD recommends using the FRA's Safety Map and Rail Crossing Inventory, or the FRA smartphone app that incorporates both of these tools. The inventory report for a crossing near a site will include the number and timing of operations, which can be incorporated in the Day/Night Noise Level (DNL) Calculator.


Rail Crossing Inventory Smartphone App
This app provides the same information as the FRA Safety Map and FRA Crossing Inventory website and can be used with location services on an iOS or Android phone.

FRA Safety Map
This map can be used to locate rail lines and crossing numbers in proximity to a proposed site. This information can then be cross-referenced with the FRA Rail Crossing Inventory.

FRA Rail Crossing Inventory
This site can be used to search for a specific crossing number to generate a crossing inventory report with train counts for that crossing. If a crossing number is not available from the FRA Safety Map, there is also a link to query by location. View instructions on how to perform a location search in lieu of searching by crossing number.

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