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HUD Community Resilience Toolkit


Date Published: January 2023


The HUD Community Resilience Toolkit is a user-friendly guide to help recipients of HUD Community Planning and Development (CPD) funds identify opportunities to use their CPD dollars to mitigate the impacts of natural related hazards. The toolkit is divided into 6 separate sections, each related to a specific natural hazard. Each section provides an overview of the natural hazard as well as suggestions for different mitigation techniques that are eligible under different CPD programs. Additionally, the toolkit has a financing section with other funding opportunities for resilience projects. The toolkit also includes a helpful infographic highlighting how different natural hazard risks can affect communities and what a resilient community could look like. The toolkit is easy to use and will help recipients of CPD funds learn how current and future natural hazard risks may impact their community and actions they can take to reduce those risks.

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