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Certifications to Accompany HUD Section 108 Loan Guarantee Program Applications for Entitlement Public Entities


Date Published: February 2020


Entitlement public entities, which are metropolitan cities or an urban counties receiving a Community Development Block Grant (as defined in 24 CFR 570.701), can use the certifications in this form as well as the attached form containing certifications regarding lobbying when submitting an application for Section 108 Loan Guarantee Program assistance.

The Section 108 Loan Guarantee Program is authorized by Section 108 of the Housing and Community Development Act of 1974, as amended, 42 USC §5308. The program's authorizing statute and governing regulations at 24 CFR part 570, subpart M, and in particular 24 CFR 570.704(b), require applications for loan guarantee assistance submitted by these entities to be accompanied by certain certifications.

States or non-entitlement entities should not use this form, as there are different requirements for these entities when submitting an application. For more information on the requirements for States and non-entitlements, please email section108@hud.gov.

HUD will normally accept the certifications submitted with the application; however, HUD may consider relevant information which challenges the certifications and require additional information or assurances from the public entity as warranted by such information.

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