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Environmental Review Signature Page for Supplemental Funding of HUD-assisted Projects under 24 CFR Part 50


Date Published: January 2020


When one Part 50 review is used for two HUD programs, an approving official representing each program must certify the Environmental Review Record. Because the HUD Environmental Review Online System (HEROS) only allows one approving official to certify a review electronically, the other should be completed on paper, using this form.

After the approving official for the program office who prepared the environmental review (the “originating office”) certifies the review in HEROS, they should submit it to the second program office (the “supplemental funding office”). That office should review the environmental review record and confirm that it meets all program needs. When the approving official for the supplemental funding office is satisfied with the review, they will sign the paper signature page, upload it on the Project Summary screen in HEROS, and assign the review back to the first program office.

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