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Understanding CoC System Performance by Household Types Using Stella P


Date Published: December 2019


Stella is a strategy and analysis tool that helps CoCs understand how their system is performing. It relies on dynamic visuals of CoCs’ data to illustrate how households move through the homeless system, and to highlight outcome disparities. Stella does the analytical heavy lifting, so your CoC can focus on planning and improving their crisis response system. The Stella Performance Module (Stella P) uses visual representations of a CoC’s Longitudinal Systems Analysis – or LSA – data.

This presentation explores system performance while teaching users how to navigate Stella P to compare and understand inter-related data for making decisions. Using Adult and Child households, the presentation demonstrates how to build a picture of system performance using Stella P while exploring Stella P's functionality. Through the use of performance measure data visualizations, insights, impact scores, and tabular data presentation, users learn how to observe and understand system utilization data by housing program utilization (service pathways), population types, and demographic data. This information is used to identify most effective housing service pathways, data quality limitations, and potential policy and program design changes that can achieve significant system change.

To access a comprehensive list of Stella resources, visit the Stella page.

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