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Notice CPD-19-06: Defining Special Environmental Clearance as used in 24 CFR Part 51 Subpart B


Date Published: July 2019


This Notice defines “Special Environmental Clearance” as used in HUD’s Noise Abatement and Control regulation, 24 CFR Part 51 Subpart B, as an Environmental Assessment (EA). This term is used three times within Part 51 Subpart B, but it is not defined in HUD’s current regulations.

The Noise Guidebook (HUD-953-CPD (1)) is the Department’s primary guidance document on compliance with 24 CFR Part 51 Subpart B. A note in the margin on page 14 of that Guidebook instructs readers to “Substitute Environmental Assessment (with ECO1 concurrence) wherever you see Special Clearance.” This Notice amends that note in the Noise Guidebook to remove the ECO concurrence requirement in the Guidebook.

This amended definition means that projects triggering a Special Environmental Clearance no longer automatically require ECO concurrence; however, an ECO’s concurrence or review and comment may otherwise be triggered by regulation or program guidance.

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