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Applying for DedicatedPlus Projects During the CoC Program Competition

Date Published: July 2019



The CoC Program distinguishes between “100% Dedicated” and “Dedicated Plus.”

The boxes below highlight common questions. The resources provide more detailed information about the application process.

All DedicatedPlus projects, whether they are new, renewing as DedicatedPlus, or renewing and changing to DedicatedPlus, are required to dedicate beds to serve individuals, households with children, and unaccompanied youth. The requirement to be inclusive of households with children in DedicatedPLUS projects is not new or specific only to DedicatedPLUS projects.

Under the CoC Program, households with children may not be categorically excluded from any project based solely on the basis of their familial status. Because households with children may not be categorically excluded, a CoC Program-funded project may not choose to exclusively serve households without children or single adults; however, it could choose to limit participation only to households with children.

This does not mean, however, that a DedicatedPLUS project (or other CoC Program-funded project) that primarily serves households without children needs to necessarily revise their target population. Instead, recipients and project applicants need only to ensure that eligibility criteria established for each project is not limited only to single adults or does not automatically exclude households with children.

Yes, you can switch from “100% Dedicated” to “Dedicated Plus” through the application process. A renewal project where 100 percent of the beds were dedicated to chronically homeless individuals and families under the grant that is being renewed may either become a DedicatedPLUS project or may continue to dedicate 100 percent of its beds to chronically homeless individuals and families. Likewise, a renewal project that has 100 percent of its beds dedicated to chronically homeless individuals and families may elect to become a DedicatedPLUS project.


These resources expand on the information above and provide additional guidance.

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