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Applying for Expansion Projects During the CoC Program Competition


Date Published: September 2021


During the FY 2021 CoC Program Competition, project applicants have the option to expand existing eligible renewal projects by submitting an additional new project application for funds for new eligible activities. An expansion project combines an existing eligible renewal project with up to two new projects that request funding to expand the existing project.

If all the projects meet eligibility and quality threshold requirements and are selected for conditional award, then during the post-award process, the HUD field office will combine the funding in one grant.

The boxes below highlight common questions. The resources provide more detailed information about the application process.

You can use reallocated funds, CoC bonus funds, a combination of reallocated funds and CoC bonus funds, and DV Bonus funds.

If the new project(s) exceed the amount of funding available under the reallocation or Bonus processes, HUD will reduce the funding request to the available amount, which could affect the activities of the new expanded portion of the project.

The new project would expand the current operations of an existing renewal project by adding units, beds, persons served, or services provided to existing program participants, or by adding additional activities to HMIS and SSO-Coordinated Entry projects.

For one expansion project, a project applicant must submit at least two and up to three project applications.

  1. One Renewal Project Application for the existing project.
  2. One New Project Application for the expanded portion of the project being renewed.
  3. Optional: One additional New Project Application, only if the applicant would like to further expand the existing project and/or submit an application using two different funding methods.

When naming the project, HUD requests you use at least a portion of the renewal project name and add the word "Expansion" at the end of the name. If there are two new projects, the name could add "Expansion 1" and "Expansion 2."

The renewal project and the new expanded portion of the project must both have the same component type. Eligible project components are as following: PH-PSH, PH-RRH, Joint TH/PH-RRH, SSO-CE, or HMIS.

Note that the Collaborative Applicant will rank both the Renewal and New Project Application(s) with unique rank numbers.

Each Renewal Project Application has a "Renewal Grant Consolidation or Renewal Grant Expansion" screen where you select "Yes--Stand-Alone Renewal Application in a New Grant Expansion." Question 2 has a Renewal Grant Expansion Table where you will enter information about the existing renewal project and the new project.

Each New Project Application has a 3C Expansion screen to indicate whether the project is an expansion for a renewal project. If "yes," there will be a series of fields to complete.

Note the following terms are used to refer to the applications:

  • Stand-Alone Renewal: the project application for the eligible existing project.
  • Stand-Alone New Expansion: the project application for the expanded portion of the project.

Note the following information that will be needed:

  • Project Identification Number (PIN). The PIN is the first six alphanumeric digits of the existing renewal project's grant agreement.
  • Project Name
  • Total Amount Requested

HUD will know which project applications go together as an expansion project because the Stand-Alone Renewal PIN will appear in the Renewal and New Project Applications.

Yes. You can submit a New Project Application for a project that will expand an existing eligible renewal project and indicate in the application that you are submitting it under the DV Bonus.

The expanded portion of the project must be dedicated to survivors of domestic violence, dating violence, sexual assault, or stalking who qualify under paragraph (4) of the definition of homeless at 24 CFR 578.3.

  • A DV Bonus project can expand a RRH, Joint TH and PH:RRH, or SSO-CE project.
  • It can expand a renewal project that was funded through regular CoC Program funds or a renewal project that was originally funded as a DV Bonus project.
  • DV Bonus funds cannot be used to expand PSH or HMIS projects.

If the application for the new project is submitted and selected using the reallocation process or with CoC Bonus funds, it will keep its rank number and HUD will continue the review and selection process.

If the application is submitted as a DV Bonus project, meets the criteria of a DV Bonus project, and is selected with DV Bonus funds, HUD will remove the project from the New Project Listing, and each project ranked below it will move up one rank position.

NOTE: If the project application is submitted as a DV Bonus project and does NOT meet the criteria of a DV Bonus project, it will remain in the New Project Listing and be considered for award under the CoC Bonus process.

No. YHDP renewal projects and YHDP replacement projects cannot use the expansion process.


These resources expand on the information above and provide additional guidance on the expansion project application process, ranking expansion applications, and HUD's review of expansion project applications.

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