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Applying for Expansion Projects During the CoC Program Competition

Date Published: July 2019



During the FY 2019 CoC Program Competition, project applicants have the option to expand existing eligible renewal projects by submitting an additional new project application for funds for new eligible activities. In the context of the CoC Program Competition, these projects are referred to as “expansion projects.”

The boxes below highlight common questions. The resources provide more detailed information about the application process.

You can use reallocation, DV bonus funds, and CoC bonus funds.

If you use DV bonus funds, there are some restrictions. Review the NOFA for more information.

For one expansion project, a project applicant must submit at least 3 project applications.

  • Renewal project application for the existing project.
  • New project application for the expansion portion of the project that has the additional numbers (e.g., persons served, beds, units) and budget information.
  • Renewal project application that combines the information from the existing renewal application and the new expansion project application into one renewal project application.

Submitting one project application for the existing project ensures that if the expansion portion is not awarded, HUD will still review the existing project’s renewal application and potentially fund it. Additionally, if the renewal project application is not selected for conditional award, neither the new expansion project nor the additional renewal project application that includes the new expansion project information will be considered for conditional award.


  • A project applicant will select the surviving renewal project of a consolidation. (Renewal Application #1)
  • Then, the applicant can identify up to 3 grants that it wants to be included in the consolidation with the surviving project; these are terminating projects. See Consolidating Eligible Renewals During the CoC Program Competition. (Renewal Applications #2, #3 and #4)
  • Then, the applicant can submit a new project applications  to expand the surviving project. (New Project Application #1 and #2)
  • Finally, the applicant must submit a Renewal project application that combines the information for the surviving project, each of the terminating projects, and the expansion portion of the existing project. (Renewal Application #5)


These resources expand on the information above and provide additional guidance on the expansion project application process, ranking expansion applications, and HUD's review of expansion project applications.

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