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Transition Project Requirements for the CoC Program Competition

Date Published: July 2019



A “Transition Project” application requests funding for a new project by reallocating an eligible renewal (or renewals) and, if awarded, allows grant funds to be spent on both the reallocated renewal project(s) and the new project. The purpose is to ease the process of winding down one project and ramping up a new one.

The boxes below highlight common questions. The resources provide more detailed information about the application process.

  • PH-PSH
  • PH-RRH
  • Joint TH and PH-RRH
  • Dedicated HMIS
  • SSO-CE

The recipient would not be permitted to expend any funds on activities for the reallocated project.


These resources expand on the information above and provide additional information about project requirements and restrictions.

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  • HUD
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