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Stella Performance System Map Guide and Instructional Video


Date Published: July 2019


The System Performance Map in the Stella Performance Module (Stella P) provides a way for a CoC to understand how households use different combinations of project types, or pathways, during the time they are served in the homeless system. Using the pathway concept, the System Performance Map visually presents performance data for the main pathways in the homeless system, as well as overall system-level data, such as average days homeless, exits to permanent housing, and returns to the homeless system.

The 2-page System Performance Map Guide provides a brief overview of the System Performance Map to help orient users to its various functionalities, including filtering the map by household type and pathway.

The Instructional Video provides CoCs with a closer look at how to use the System Performance Map by providing demonstrations of its various features and highlighting important data points. By the end of the video, users should have a clear understanding of how to take the information in the System Performance Map to assess the effectiveness of a homeless system.

To access a comprehensive list of Stella resources, visit the Stella page.

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