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Stella Performance Glossary

Date Published: March 2021



Stella is a strategy and analysis tool that helps Continuums of Care (CoCs) understand how their system is performing and models what an optimized system would look like that fully addresses homelessness in their area. The Stella Performance Module (Stella P) provides dynamic visuals of CoCs’ Longitudinal Systems Analysis (LSA) data to show how households move through the homeless system, and to highlight outcome disparities. It looks at your system’s past performance to see where you can make future improvements. Stella P does the analytical heavy lifting, so your CoC can focus on strategies to improve your homelessness system.

This glossary provides definitions for the terms used throughout the Stella P module. You can review definitions of the terms by their related topic area, including:

  • Performance Measures
  • Household Types
  • Population Groups
  • Pathways
  • Demographics

You can also search for definitions in an alphabetical list included at the beginning of the document. Each term is hyperlinked to its place within the glossary.

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