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Federal Funding Tool for Addressing Homelessness in Rural Communities


Date Published: April 2019


The Federal Funding Tool for Addressing Homelessness in Rural Communities, developed by an interagency working group of federal partners focused on better aligning homeless response efforts in support of rural communities, is intended to provide an easy way for rural communities to identify a wide array of federal programs and resources that can support their work to prevent and end homelessness. Specifically, the tool is designed to help communities answer the following questions:

  1. For which federal resources is my state/CoC/tribe/organization/education agency/etc. eligible?
  2. Which federal resources can be used to pay for ______ (ex. capital costs, transportation, supportive services, rental assistance, etc.)?

The tool is intended to be broad to make it useful to a wide array of community stakeholders. This tool will be reviewed and updated periodically.

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