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HMIS Software Vendor Capacity Checklist

Date Published: November 2020



The HMIS Software Vendor Capacity Checklist provides HMIS Leads, system administrators, and Continuum of Care (CoC) data leadership with an assessment framework to ensure that HMIS Software Vendors, solution providers, and other relevant HMIS stakeholders are fulfilling the roles and responsibilities that may be required by the CoC to ensure the operation of an effective HMIS implementation. The checklist provides an overview of both HUD HMIS requirements of an HMIS software as well as common technical and functional features that many community require or expect. This checklist provides CoC and HMIS leadership with a set of standardized criteria that the CoC may determine the HMIS Software Vendor should meet.

These criteria generally are not to measure compliance, but rather to ensure that the HMIS Software Vendor provides a software that meets the needs of the community. CoC and HMIS leadership should reference the contract with their designated HMIS Software Vendor for specific monitoring criteria and measureable service levels. This checklist should be jointly completed by the HMIS Lead, which has the technical and operational expertise in HMIS, and CoC data leadership, which retains ultimate responsibility for operating the HMIS for the CoC’s geographic area. Completion of this checklist will provide a reference for the development of a quality improvement strategy or to identify additional technical and functional capabilities that further enhance the use of HMIS as a tool to support ending homelessness in a CoC.

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