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HMIS System Administrator Checklist


Date Published: November 2020


The HMIS System Administrator Checklist provides HMIS Leads, system administrators, and Continuum of Care (CoC) data leadership with an assessment framework to ensure that HMIS Leads, system administrators and other relevant HMIS stakeholders are fulfilling the roles and responsibilities that may be required by the CoC to ensure the operation of an effective HMIS implementation. The checklist provides an overview of the activities, duties, and tasks that a CoC may require of its HMIS Lead as well as the plans, policies, and procedures that a CoC should have in place to govern its HMIS implementation.

The roles and responsibilities of an HMIS Lead should be clearly defined by the CoC and should account for the various stakeholders who may also have responsibilities for administering or otherwise supporting the system. This checklist should be utilized in conjunction with local contracts for service, statements of work, or other written agreements that the CoC has with the HMIS Lead to determine essential roles and responsibilities. Completion of this checklist will provide a reference to identify key responsibilities as well as needed skill sets of an HMIS System Administrator.

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