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An Introductory Guide to Submitting Longitudinal Systems Analysis (LSA) Data for the AHAR


Date Published: December 2022


This guidebook provides background information and guidance on the Longitudinal Systems Analysis (LSA) and the use of this LSA data for the Annual Homeless Assessment Report (AHAR) to Congress. The guide describes the LSA data submission requirements and reviews the data submission process via the Homelessness Data Exchange, version 2.0 (HDX 2.0), a web-based data collection tool.

At some point in the future, HUD anticipates adding modules to the HDX 2.0 that will address the following:

  • Housing Inventory Count (HIC) and Point-in-Time (PIT) count data submission
  • HIC, PIT count, and LSA data visualizations
  • Data-driven System Improvement Action Planning
  • Optimized System Modeling

Additional chapters or sections may be added to this user guide as those modules become available. There is a version history for this guidebook available at the end of the table of contents, which details any recent revisions since the last release. Test LSA Upload Files are also linked on this resource page for those who may want to test the LSA process in the HDX 2.0 prior to receiving files specific to their CoC from their HMIS vendor.

For more resources, visit the LSA page.

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