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Notice CPD-18-11: Timely Distribution of State CDBG Funds


Date Published: September 2018


This Notice supersedes Notice CPD-16-08.

This Notice replaces CPD Notice 16-08 and reiterates HUD's policy and standards for the timely distribution of Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) funds by states. This Notice includes a new HUD 40108 form which has substantive format differences from the previous version.

This Notice announces a change to the Department's policy regarding the publication frequency of this Notice. In past years, the Department published this Notice annually to issue an annual National Compliance Report. The report provided information on each state's compliance with the timely distribution requirements in 24 CFR 570.494(b)(1). Going forward, these reports will be available upon request to the State and Small Cities Division (SSCD) in HUD Headquarters (HQ). Therefore, it is no longer necessary to publish this Notice on an annual basis.

This Notice will remain in effect through future years until amended, superseded, or rescinded.

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