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NSP Final Performance Reports Guidance


Date Published: September 2018


The Final Performance Report can be downloaded from the Disaster Recovery Grant Reporting System (DRGR) Reports Module that aggregates all activities from a grantee's Quarterly Performance Reports (QPRs) into one report, including those that are closed or have not input any data in the past quarter. After a grantee closes out its grant, the document will become available to the public. Until that time the report will assist grantees and the HUD field office to help determine a grantee's readiness to closeout.

Instructions for Accessing the Reports in DRGR's Reports Module Micro Strategies

Grantee Path - Shared Reports → Standard Reports → Grantee User Reports → Final Performance Report

Field Office Path - Shared Reports → Standard Reports → HQ User Reports → Approp Reports → Across Approps → Special Reports → Final Performance Report

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