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Consolidating Eligible Renewals During the CoC Program Competition

Date Published: September 2019



In the FY 2019 CoC Program Competition, project applicants that intend to submit renewal project applications have the option to submit a consolidation project application  that includes up to four eligible renewal projects into one project application. The CoC Program Competition is an applicant’s only opportunity to consolidate projects.  Grant consolidation requests can no longer be requested or approved by HUD CPD field offices.

The boxes below highlight common questions. The resources provide more detailed information about the application process.

A project applicant must submit multiple project applications for each consolidation. Applicants need one application for each of the individual project PLUS one additional  application that combines the information from all the individual applications on every screen.

Submitting one project application for each individual project ensures that the individual projects are reviewed and potentially awarded funds should HUD not approve the requested consolidation project application.

Each renewal project application has a "Renewal Grant Consolidation Screen." "Individual" project applications are for the existing projects, and the "Fully Consolidated" project application combines the information from each applicable project application.

The grant end date is estimated by combining the total grant funds and manually calculating the average monthly spending amount. The estimated grant end date is not necessarily the end date for the grant that will end after the other consolidated grants.

The Estimating the End Date for a Consolidated Grant Excel workbook under Resources below assists project applicants in determining an estimated end date for the FY 2019 consolidated grant. The workbook is intended to be downloaded and edited by project applicants.

The actual end date will be determined during the selection and post-award process by HUD if the consolidated grant is selected.


These resources expand on the information above and provide additional guidance on the consolidation process, importing data, ranking consolidated applications, and HUD's review of consolidated project applications

  • Consolidating Eligible Renewals for the CoC Program Competition (PDF) - Not yet available for the FY 2020 CoC Program Competition
  • Estimating the End Date for a Consolidated Grant (XLSX) - Not yet available for the FY 2020 CoC Program Competition
  • Consolidation FAQs (HTML)

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