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Consolidating Eligible Renewals During the CoC Program Competition


Date Published: September 2021


In the FY 2021 CoC Program Competition, project applicants that intend to submit renewal project applications have the option to use the consolidation process to combine up to ten projects.

The CoC Program Competition is an applicant's only opportunity to consolidate projects. Grant consolidation requests can no longer be processed by HUD CPD field offices.

The boxes below highlight common questions. The resources provide more detailed information about consolidating projects.

A project applicant must submit one project application for each individual project to be consolidated.

Unlike the FY 2019 CoC Program Competition, the project applicant will NOT submit a separate renewal project application that combines the project and budget information for all consolidating projects.

If HUD approves the consolidation, HUD will conditionally award one grant that combines the budgets and project information for each project.

Each renewal project application has a "Renewal Grant Consolidation or Renewal Grant Expansion" screen.

  • Question 1 asks if the project application is requesting to consolidate or expand. Select "Yes – individual application in a renewal grant consolidation."
  • Question 2 asks if the individual project application is the surviving grant or a terminating grant.

One project application in the set of consolidating projects will indicate it is the surviving grant. The other project applications in the set of consolidating projects will be the terminating grants. There can be up to nine terminating grants.

HUD will know which projects a project applicant wants to consolidate because each individual project application for the surviving and terminating projects will identify the same surviving grant.

The surviving grant is the one into which the other grants will be consolidated. It must be the project that, if selected for award, will have the earliest start date in CY 2022.

The Renewal Project Application identifies the surviving grant using the "Project Identification Number," referred to as the PIN. The PIN is the first six numbers of the surviving grant number.

The terminating grant is the grant that will be incorporated into the surviving grant if HUD approves the consolidation. Each project application for a group of projects that are consolidating must identify the PIN for the surviving grant.

Resource Links

These resources expand on the information above and provide additional guidance on the consolidation process, ranking consolidated applications, and HUD's review of consolidated project applications.

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