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CoC Program Recipient Grant Agreements


Date Published: December 2020


These resources assist CoC Program recipients in processing grant agreements and grant agreement amendments, as well as transferring existing grant agreements from the current recipient to another organization that is assuming a project's responsibilities.

The post-award user guides describe the grant agreement process for conditionally awarded FY 2019, FY 2018, and FY 2017 New grants, Renewal grants, CoC Planning Cost grants, and UFA Cost grants. The guides include important information about accessing, completing, and submitting the recipient’s post-award step in e-snaps.

The CoC Program Project Transfers resource identifies the steps recipients need to take when projects need to be transferred in e-snaps from one recipient to another organization. There are two sections–one for a project transfer between the current recipient to another recipient (an organization that has received CoC Program funding and has an existing e-snaps account) and one for a project transfer from the current recipient to an organization that is becoming a recipient for the first time.

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