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Notice CPD-18-06: Applying to be a High Performing Community (HPC)


Date Published: May 2018


Notice CPD-22-03 supersedes this Notice.

For each Fiscal Year (FY), HUD requires each Continuum of Care’s (CoC) designated Collaborative Applicant to register in advance of applying for funding available under the FY CoC Program Competition. Collaborative Applicants must complete the registration using e-snaps, a web-based portal. As part of registration, Collaborative Applicants for CoCs that wish to be designated, including requests for a High Performing Community (HPC) designation must apply during registration.

This Notice provides Collaborative Applicants the information necessary to understand and complete the HPC forms available as part of the annual CoC Program Registration process for CoCs that want to apply for this designation. Collaborative Applicants request HPC designation during the annual FY CoC Program Registration process to allow the CoC to use CoC Program funds as permitted in 24 CFR part 578.71 and widen the scope of acceptable matching contributions under 24 CFR 578.73. Any CoC that receives HPC designation during the annual FY CoC Program Registration process can submit project application(s) for the additional use of CoC Program funds to provide housing relocation and stabilization services and short- and medium-term rental assistance to individuals and families at risk of homelessness per 24 CFR 578.71, if necessary to prevent the individual or family from becoming homeless.

The other registration notices for the annual FY CoC Program Competition are available on the HUD Exchange:

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