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Notice CPD-18-05: Unified Funding Agency (UFA)


Date Published: April 2018


Notice CPD-22-01 supersedes this Notice.

For each Fiscal Year (FY), HUD requires each Continuum of Care’s (CoC) designated Collaborative Applicant to register in advance of applying for funding available under the FY CoC Program Competition. Collaborative Applicants must complete the registration using e-snaps, a web-based portal. As part of registration, Collaborative Applicants for CoCs that wish to be designated a Unified Funding Agency (UFA) must apply during registration.

This Notice provides Collaborative Applicants with the information necessary to apply for UFA designation when registering the CoCs in preparation for the annual FY CoC Program Competition. HUD strongly recommends referring to the Rule for CoC Program and UFA requirements. Collaborative Applicants requesting UFA designation must complete all the UFA forms as prescribed by HUD in this Notice and attach the CoC's written policies, procedures, and plans that document the responses to the questions contained in the UFA forms. HUD will assess the submitted responses and attached written policies, procedures, and plans to determine if the Collaborative Applicant is currently meeting all UFA requirements. Collaborative Applicants meeting all requirements will be designated a UFA and will be allowed by HUD to apply as such during the year’s FY CoC Program Competition.

UFA designation is only effective for 1 year and UFA Costs are non-renewable. Once HUD designates a Collaborative Applicant as UFA, the Collaborative Applicant must reapply for UFA designation each year thereafter. If a Collaborative Applicant is designated as a UFA and fails to reapply in the next FY CoC Program Registration process, HUD will remove the UFA designation for the Collaborative Applicant.

The other registration notices for the annual FY CoC Program Competition are available on the HUD Exchange:

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