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FY 2018 GIW Change Form with Rental Assistance Worksheet

Date Published: April 2018

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CoCs must submit the GIW Change Form to the local HUD field office to resolve any discrepancies identified during the CoC’s review of the projects on the posted GIW. Issues that need to be resolved include missing projects, projects that should be removed, or projects with information that must be updated, as identified by the CoC. Updates may be needed if there are budget line item (BLI) changes that occurred due to a grant agreement amendment or grant consolidations approved by the local HUD field office.

The FY 2018 GIW Change Form includes a Rental Assistance Worksheet that accurately calculates a rental assistance project’s ARA and is used when there is a change to an eligible renewal project’s unit configuration due to a grant agreement amendment or for those rental assistance projects that are renewing for the first time that were originally awarded under a multi-term grant agreement (e.g., 2 years).

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