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Guidance for Domestic Violence Partners and CoCs on Participating in the PIT Count

Date Published: December 2018

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These resources were developed to inform domestic violence (DV) providers and Continuums of Care (CoC) about the changes for the 2018 Point-in-Time (PIT) count, the importance of including individuals and families fleeing domestic violence in the count, and the need to partner to better understand and serve survivors of domestic violence. These resources focus on activities that can be conducted during the actual counting process (e.g., best practices for discussing domestic violence experience with persons who are counted on the night of the count) with one document focused on what CoCs can do to better conduct the count and another document focused on how DV providers can assist with the PIT count.

In December 2018, HUD added the Point-in-Time Count Fact Sheet on Identifying Survivors of Domestic Violence that answers questions on how DV service providers and CoCs can effectively work together to accurately identify survivors of domestic violence while implementing PIT counts and provides some community examples about how to implement effective counting practices.

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