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CoC APR: Sage HMIS Reporting Repository Templates

Date Published: October 2018

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To help users understand what they will be reporting in the Sage HMIS Reporting Repository, HUD has published several templates. These templates allow users to know what data they are reporting in Sage. It is not intended to replace electronic data collection in Sage. Field layout in Sage may differ from the layout presented below. The templates include:

  • Data Quality – the template for what recipients will report to HUD on the quality of the data they collect on program participants
  • CoC Full APR – the APR template for what recipients will report to HUD for all project types, except CoC planning, HMIS, UFA costs, and SRO-funded grants
  • HMIS APR – the APR template for HMIS recipients
  • CoC Planning APR – the APR template CoC planning grant recipients
  • CSV APR – the template for the CSV file for recipients submitting CoC Full APRs
  • Coordinated Entry APR – the APR template Coordinated Entry grant recipients

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