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Project Rating and Ranking Tool

Date Published: July 2017

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The Resource Links section on this page refers to two resources—the Project Rating and Ranking Tool and the Project Ranking Worksheet.

Project Rating and Ranking Tool: The Project Rating and Ranking Tool is an optional tool that can be used by CoCs to evaluate projects and set ranking priorities within the CoC. The Continuum of Care (CoC) Program is an essential resource in helping HUD meet the national goals of preventing and ending homelessness in the United States. CoCs should use objective, performance based scoring criteria and selection priorities that are approved by the CoC to determine the extent to which each project addresses HUD’s policy priorities. CoCs should reallocate funds to new projects whenever reallocation would improve outcomes and reduce homelessness, and consider how much each project spends to serve and house an individual or family as compared to other projects serving similar populations.

Update to the Project Rating and Ranking Tool: This tool was recently updated on July 26, 2017. Small changes were made to the bonus project treatment. The tool still searches for New or Expansion projects that fit the bonus parameters, and identifies the highest rated project(s) from the eligible projects. However, instead of having the project in a separate table, the bonus project(s) are included in the Tier 2 table with pink formatting. They can be moved between Tier 1 and Tier 2 just as any other project can be moved. The funding for Tier 2 was also updated, so it includes the remaining ARD and Bonus funding, and the tallies were updated at the top of the Funding Analysis + Ranking tab to reflect the funding change.

Project Ranking Worksheet: The Project Ranking Worksheet is not part of the Project Rating and Ranking Tool. It is a separate, optional tool that HUD has made available for the FY 2017 CoC Program Competition, HUD is also making available the Project Ranking Worksheet. This tool is a simple Excel worksheet that enables Collaborative Applicants to enter all of the projects in one worksheet prior to entering the ranking numbers in the New and Renewal Project Listings in e-snaps. After the Collaborative Applicant enters the data, the spreadsheet can be sorted by Rank Number, Applicant Name, Project Name, Expiring Grant Number, Project Type, Component Type, Amount Requested, or Amount Ranked.

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