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CoC Program Project Rating and Ranking Tool

Date Published: September 2020



The Project Rating and Ranking Tool is an optional tool that can be used by CoCs to evaluate projects and set ranking priorities within the CoC. The CoC Program is an essential resource in helping HUD meet the national goals of preventing and ending homelessness in the United States. CoCs should use objective, performance based scoring criteria and selection priorities that are approved by the CoC to determine the extent to which each project addresses HUD’s policy priorities. CoCs should reallocate funds to new projects whenever reallocation would improve outcomes and reduce homelessness, and consider how much each project spends to serve and house an individual or family as compared to other projects serving similar populations.

Version 4.1 is updated to be compatible with the 2020 Housing Inventory Count (HIC) export from the Homelessness Data Exchange (HDX). The “Update Tool” button on the Tool Resources tab has been disabled. Due to changes in the HIC, data migration from an older version of the tool is not recommended.

No other substantial changes have been made since the version 4.0.2, which meets the specifications of the FY 2019 CoC NOFA.

These changes, as well as a list of previous changes between each version is included in the About the Tool tab.

The videos below were developed for earlier versions of the Rating and Ranking Tool. The process to rate and rank projects in the Tool described in the videos is accurate for version 4.1, as there have not been substantial changes to the Tool’s structure or function.

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