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Coordinated Entry Self-Assessment


Date Published: March 2017


This tool provides a list of both required and recommended Coordinated Entry (CE) elements. Continuums of Care (CoCs) can use this Self-Assessment as a reference to help identify key aspects of CE design, implementation, and management; compare the results against existing CoC plans and/or practices to gauge the extent to which the CoC currently includes these elements; and as a general outline for a set of policies and procedures a CoC must adopt to support the ongoing management of CE processes and functions.

Many aspects of CE planning, management, operations, monitoring, and evaluation are not explicitly identified in existing HUD regulation and Notice, but are nonetheless critical for effective CE design and management. This Self-Assessment  identifies elements of CE that HUD has determined are required elements for each CoC’s CE. The Self-Assessment also identifies other elements of CE functionality, operations, or management that are recommended as good practice but are not required. In addition, some unique design elements of CE may be appropriate for some subpopulations or geographic areas but are not universally applicable across all CoCs. In these instances CE elements are identified and noted in sections labeled as optional.

This updated version of the Self-Assessment, Version 1.1, replaces the original version posted on the HUD Exchange on January 23, 2017. The following changes are included in Version 1.1:

  1. Section A. Planning. Item #1 has been updated to correct the date CoCs are expected to achieve full compliance with Coordinated Entry requirements established by the Notice. The correct date is January 23, 2018.
  2. Section C. Assessment. Item #9 has been updated to correct an earlier error in citation. The Privacy Protections noted in the requirement are from HUD’s Coordinated Entry Notice: Section II.B.12.f.
  3. Section E. Referral. Item #2 in Referrals to Participating Projects has been moved from the Required section of the Self-Assessment to the Recommended section. HUD recommends individual CoC homeless assistance projects make their eligibility criteria publicly available.

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