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Assessment of Fair Housing Tool
for Public Housing Agencies

Date Published: January 2017



The Notice announcing the availability of the Assessment Tool Public Housing Agencies (PHAs) receiving assistance under the United States Housing Act of 1937 will use to conduct and submit an Assessment of Fair Housing (AFH), was published in the Federal Register (PDF Notice | HTML Notice) on January 13, 2017. The Assessment Tool will also be used for AFHs conducted through joint and regional collaborations between such PHAs. While this Assessment Tool has been approved for use, this Notice does not trigger the obligation of PHAs to conduct and submit an AFH in accordance with 24 CFR 5.160, as HUD has not yet provided PHAs with the data they will need. As HUD makes data available for certain PHAs, HUD will publish, in the Federal Register, a Notice announcing the availability of data for certain PHAs, triggering their obligation to conduct and submit an AFH, and will post such Notice on the HUD Exchange.

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