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Crosswalk of Key Federally-funded Child and Youth Homeless Contacts


Date Published: June 2021


This excel file contains a crosswalk of Continuum of Care (CoC) primary contacts, Homeless Liaison (LEA) contact information for schools, and Runaway and Homeless Youth (RHY) providers. The goal of this file is to make it easier for stakeholders that serve children and youth experiencing homelessness that receive federal funding to know how to contact each other. HUD and its federal partners know that this file will have errors – both in actual contact information as well as in the crosswalk because contact information changes regularly and agencies record the physical locations and jurisdictional boundaries of their programs in different ways. However, those errors are likely to be limited and we will strive to improve this file in the future to minimize issues. If your community currently does not have all three of these players at the table, where applicable, we strongly encourage you to use this file to reach out to those contacts and come together to prevent and end homelessness among children and youth. We also encourage you to reach out to other youth-serving programs which are not included in the spreadsheet, including shelters and drop-in centers, child welfare agencies, juvenile justice agencies, affordable housing developers, afterschool programs, behavioral health organizations, and others.

A number of CoCs merged since the previous version of the crosswalk was released in 2018. This crosswalk reflects CoC geographic regions current as of its release in June 2021.

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