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FR-5476-N-04: CoC Program Notice for Further Comment on the PPRN Formula


Date Published: July 2016


This Notice announces the re-opening of the Continuum of Care (CoC) Program interim rule for further comment on the Preliminary Pro Rata Need (PPRN) formula.

The PPRN Formula is the formula that HUD uses to establish a CoC’s initial need amount, a part of determining a CoC’s maximum award amount in a given fiscal year. As part of the HEARTH Act amendments, HUD was directed to codify the formula in the CoC Program regulation. For the interim rule, HUD codified the formula that had been used for many years prior to the interim rule to establish a CoC’s PPRN. HUD sought comment on that formula as part of the comment period for the interim rule and, after reviewing the comments received, has decided to re-open the PPRN Formula a second time for additional public comment.

In this Notice, HUD explores the existing formula factors and their relationship to homelessness in communities. Additionally, HUD proposes some new factors for consideration that HUD believes are more closely correlated with homelessness than the factors in the existing formula, but seeks the public’s input on them. Comments on the proposed factors are due 60 days after the Notice is published in the Federal Register.

To submit a formal comment, please go to the federalregister.gov webpage.

View the CoC PPRN Proposed Formula Impacts by CoC resource to learn more about the CoC-level PPRN funding impact of implementing each of the four proposed formulas in the Notice, as compared to the FY 15 PPRN amounts by CoC. View the CoC PPRN Alternate Formula Testing Tool to test the impact of potential factors for an alternate CoC PPRN formula.

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