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Incorporating the AFH in the Consolidated Plan

Date Published: February 2018



Under the Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing (AFFH) rule 24 CFR Part 5, consolidated plan grantees must set forth a meaningful and transparent process to identify and understand local and regional fair housing issues and to set goals for improving fair housing choice and access to opportunity. HUD has provided guidance through the following resources on how grantees can incorporate the Assessment of Fair Housing (AFH) into the consolidated planning process.

CPD Memo: Incorporating 24 CFR Part 5 AFFH in the Consolidated Plan Program Year and Citizen Participation Plan

This memorandum notifies grantees that they must amend their citizen participation plan prior to the initiation of the AFH process to comply with the provisions at §91.105 for local governments and §91.115 for states. It outlines the required revisions and additions to the consolidated plan, consultation process, and the citizen participation plan for local governments and states to incorporate the AFH into these documents.

Incorporating the AFH into the Consolidated Plan Quick Guide

This guide highlights the AFH-specific elements that must be included in the Consolidated Plan, through the eCon Planning Suite.

Incorporating the AFH in the Consolidated Plan Webinar

This webinar reviews the process for integrating Assessments of Fair Housing (AFH) into the Consolidated Plan in the eCon Planning Suite. It covers which eCon Planning Suite screens should include elements of an AFH and the process for doing so.

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